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Vinove Prestige London Wood

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LONDON Riverwood is a mystery enchanted in strong notes of wood, cognac and coffee, and in the sweetness of honey, pineapple and vanilla. It’s the perfect fragrance on cool and rainy days, enveloping the power of the aroma of hazelnuts, oranges and dried fruit, blending in perfectly with the crisp breeze of flowers.
  • Top notes: pineapple, tonka bean, cocoa, coffee, orange, apricot, resin
  • Heart notes: flowers, lime, hazelnut, spices, dried fruit
  • Base note: guaiac wood, honey, notes of trees, vanilla

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Safety for the cockpit and the upholstering. The VINOVE car perfumes are contained in a durable polymer that is completely safe for the car interior. Together with the casing, it makes up a scent condenser. Tests have shown full resistance of those perfumes to high and low temperatures. None of the components used in the VINOVE perfumes interact with the materials used in car interiors in a manner that is harmful. The VINOVE scent condenser has a solid form, owing to which no substance – apart from the unique smell – will be released

Memory: March, 1989, London by Night

I couldn’t sleep that night. Wanting to get some English air, I went for a walk. Drops of rain crashed against the black umbrella, creating colourful illuminations with the lights of the Westminster Square.

It was two o’clock in the morning, and I could hear subdued sounds of the piano from a distance. Arranging themselves in a subtle melody, they were like film music heard from outside the frame. Following the raw London streets towards the music, I felt like the main character in film noir and an exciting thrill went through me. What script is written for me today?

Finally, London revealed one of its secrets to me: I came across a small, cosy jazz club. A few musicians playing on the stage, an oak inlaid bar with amber reflections from the glass of cognac I ordered.

I took the last available table and I surrendered to this impression emphasized by the noble drink. I spent the rest of the night like this and I felt special … it was good vintage – London Riverwood..


The noble form of the VINOVE car perfumes ideally inscribes itself in the style of contemporary cars.


The French lineage of the VINOVE car perfumes ensures a sophisticated combination of fragrance notes. Your car will gain an additional touch of elegance.


The VINOVE car perfumes last up to 90 days. The discrete scent is slowly released due to concentrated fragrance essences and technologically advanced polymers used as a vehicle for the aroma.


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