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SnowPerformance Boost Cooler Stage 3 TD ProLine

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*** NEW! - ProLine Version *** Our Top-Model for every Turbodiesel. - The Boost Cooler Stage 3 TD creates a 2D-delivery map based boost and Exhaust Gas Temperature. Easy programmable LCD-display new Dual Stage Injection Technology. The Stage 3 TD is the only water injection system on the market that has a positive effect on fuel consumption and emissions in all load ranges. Successfully tested by the U.S. Department of Energy and multiple SEMA Award winner. Particularly recommended for all towing vehicles, mobile homes, commercial vehicles / trucks, marine and defense technology.

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Select the current horsepower-level of your car.

Depending on the performance of your turbo / supercharged engine, we choose the right Boost Cooler nozzles. For all engines with two separate intakes (e.g. V-engine), 2 Boost Cooler nozzles must be installed (1 for each inlet).

Straight Engines
Straight Engine/1 nozzle up to 100hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 101 – 200hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 201 – 300hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 301 – 400hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 401 – 950hp (+0.00 EUR)


V-engine /2nozzles 250 – 300hp (+200.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 301 – 450hp (+200.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 451 – 700hp (+200.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 651 – 850hp (+200.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 501 – 900hp (+200.00 EUR)


Select the desired size of your Boost Cooler fluid tank.

A 3l tank is included in every Boost Cooler system. For more comfort and range, we recommend upgrading to the 9.5l or 26.5l tank installation set.

3l reservoir (Standart) (+0.00 EUR)
Upgrade – 9.5l trunk mounting kit (+210 EUR)
Upgrade 9.5 Race trunk mounting kit (+375 EUR)
Upgrade – 26.5l trunk mounting kit (+255 EUR)


  • The most advanced system on the market, True 2d mapping for smooth power
  • Variabel Injection via Boost and Exhaust Temperature (EGT)
  • More Power and Torque up to 15-25%
  • Reduction of specific fuel consumption by up to 5-15%
  • Successfully tested at the renowned “National Renewable Energy Laboratory”
  • Systems for virtually any turbo diesel (TDI/TDCi/TDS/etc.)
  • ProLine Version: High-Quality Stainless Steel Flex Lines and Connection Technology
  • Does not leave a signature on the vehicle leaving your car with its warranty intact
  • Designed to mount on the steering column or the dash so no drilling
  • Reduction of the thermal loading in already modified turbo diesel, such as chip tuning.
  • Reduction of nitrogen oxide formation & carbon emission with full load acceptance, ideal add-on to DPF.
  • Deposit free combustion chamber and air intake, without formation of carbon.
  • Individual consulting and configuration are possible.
  • Easy installation and setup.

Boost Cooler Water Injection – Stage 3 TD ProLine

The up-to-date digital 2D control unit was designed to reduce the specific fuel consumption in almost all load ranges.

The MPG-MAX control unit variably controls a small boost cooler nozzle through the entire power curve. This increases the combustion efficiency which in turn results in more power, without the increased fuel consumption.

The fuel economy is improve due to the better combustion efficiency. Normally, the fuel economy ranges within 5-15 %, depending on the vehicle, driving style and operation (e.g. tractor unit).

The MPG-MAX system has a second output to control another, larger nozzle with a separate mapping (“Power Mode”). The activation point of the second nozzle can be adjusted individually to achieve the best performance results. The net effect is smooth power in all engine load states with no combustion quench.

Dual Stage Technology (DST)

The Boost Cooler Stage 3 TD MPG-MAX system has an additional, larger nozzle with a separate mapping (‘Power Mode’). The connection of the second nozzle can be set individually in order to achieve the best possible performance.

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