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SnowPerformance Boost Cooler Stage 3 NA EFI DST ( NON TURBO )

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Our Topsystem for your non Turbo EFI (Electronic fuel injected) engine, 2D-Mapping over fuel injection (optionally also trough boost), easy programmable LCD-display ! Award winning system - our high-end model for your car. The controller creates a delivery map based on EFI signal. For all naturally aspirated engines with traditional EFI system.

kr.6.100,00 Incl. VAT



Select the current horsepower-level of your car.

Depending on the performance of your turbo / supercharged engine, we choose the right Boost Cooler nozzles. For all engines with two separate intakes (e.g. V-engine), 2 Boost Cooler nozzles must be installed (1 for each inlet).

Straight Engines
Straight Engine/1 nozzle up to 100hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 101 – 200hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 201 – 300hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 301 – 400hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 401 – 500hp (+49.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 501 – 700hp (+49.00 EUR)

V-engine /2nozzles 301 – 450hp (+149.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 451 – 700hp (+149.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 651 – 850hp (+149.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 501 – 950hp (+149.00 EUR)


Select the desired size of your Boost Cooler fluid tank.

A 3l tank is included in every Boost Cooler system. For more comfort and range, we recommend upgrading to the 9.5l or 26.5l tank installation set.

3l reservoir (Standart) (+0.00 EUR)
Upgrade – 9.5l trunk mounting kit (+150 EUR)
Upgrade 9.5 Race trunk mounting kit (+375 EUR)
Upgrade – 26.5l trunk mounting kit (+184 EUR)


  • EFI controlled, variable injection
  • Reduce the intake charge temperature, results in a denser more powerful air/fuel charge
  • Powerful and effective octane enhancer
  • Reduces cylinder temperatures
  • Longer more stable combustion expansion and progression
  • Cools and protects the tops of your pistons
  • Perfect for cars with thermical problems and prior tuned cars
  • Removes carbon build up from combustion chambers, pistons and valves
  • Reduce the specific fuel consumption
  • No need for expensive racing fuel or additives

Optimal Cooling with Water Injection
The Boost Cooler injection works in three ways: Firstly, when water is injected into the intake system prior to the cylinder head, the small droplets absorb heat from the intake air.

When we apply heat energy to it, its molecules begin to expand: a great deal of heat is absorbed during this process owing to water´s specific heat capacity – approximately 4.2kJ/(kg.K). Next, the small droplets of water start to evaporate. And so the intake air charge is cooled still further (up to 60°C and more).

Finally, when the remaining water droplets and water vapour reach the combustion chamber, steam is produced. When the water changes from the liquid to gas state, large amount of heat energy is consumed in sustaining the process. The latent heat of evaporation is 2256kJ/kg, approx. six times more than gasoline.

116 Octane Race Gas Performance

Water or water/methanol is injected into the intake air using the patented high-pressure pump. The evaporation mist achieves extremely effective intake air and intercooling, whereby, among other things, an uncontrolled combustion (“knocking”) is prevented. The effect is demonstrably comparable with 116 octane racing gasoline.

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