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SnowPerformance Boost Cooler Stage 2 Water Injection For Petrol Engines LOW BOOST <1.5bar

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Water Injection for all turbo-/supercharged engines up to 2.1 bar of boost pressure. This water/meth kit comes with variable Injection (VC-30) and 300PSI/20bar Pumpsystem. It progressively injects more or less water or water/alcohol, according to manifold boost pressure. Includes a simple handheld display screen to set your injection points

kr.4.300,00 Incl. VAT



Select the current horsepower-level of your car.

Depending on the performance of your turbo / supercharged engine, we choose the right Boost Cooler nozzles. For all engines with two separate intakes (e.g. V-engine), 2 Boost Cooler nozzles must be installed (1 for each inlet).

Straight Engines
Straight Engine/1 nozzle up to 100hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 101 – 200hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 201 – 300hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 301 – 400hp (+0.00 EUR)
Straight Engine/1 nozzle 401 – 700hp (+0.00 EUR)


V-engine /2nozzles 250 – 300hp (+49.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 301 – 450hp (+49.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 451 – 700hp (+49.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 651 – 850hp (+49.00 EUR)
V-engine /2nozzles 1100 – 1500hp (+49.00 EUR)


Select the desired size of your Boost Cooler fluid tank.

A 3l tank is included in every Boost Cooler system. For more comfort and range, we recommend upgrading to the 9.5l or 26.5l tank installation set.

3l reservoir (Standart) (+0.00 EUR)
Upgrade – 9.5l trunk mounting kit (+150 EUR)
Upgrade 19l Trunk Mounting Kit (+180 EUR)
Upgrade – 26.5l trunk mounting kit (+279 EUR)


  • Easy setup
    The VC-20 control unit integrated in the Boost Cooler
    Stage 2-low boost system flexibly varies the injection
    quantity to the boost pressure.
    The settings on control unit can be made within a few
    seconds without any prior knowledge. The only thing
    you need to determine is at what boost pressure the
    injection is to begin and what the maximum boost
    pressure is. – The variable injection of the Boost Cooler
    is performed within these two preset boost pressure
    Stage 2-Low Boost
    BMW E90 335i with Boost Cooler S2
    Detonation POWER!
    without with
    Air/Fuel Exhaust Air/Fuel + Boost Cooler Exhaust
    Example Diagram: Boost Cooler-Intercooling
  • Which Stage 2 System?
    To use the Stage 2 Low Boost system, the holding
    pressure of your turbocharger should be max. 1.5
    bar. At higher pressures rates, we recommending the
    Stage 2 Power-MAX (p. 12/13). That kit will easily handle
    all pressure rates up to approx. 3.5bar. Therefore, you
    can use it also for low pressure applications.
    For engines with positive displacement superchargers
    (Eaton, Twin Screw) and also small fast spooling turbos
    (e.g. K03/K04 turbochargers) use the Boost Cooler
    Stage 2 MAF or our Stage 3 kits for best performance

Optimal Cooling with Water Injection

Obtain up to 10-25% more power in your turbo- or supercharged engine, even if it´s pre-tuned, by using the Boost Cooler™-Water/Methanol Injection System!

The main function of the Boost Cooler is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure developed within the combustion chamber when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point by either a turbo or a supercharger. Water, with its high latent heat content, is extremely effective for controlling not only the onset of detonation but also the production of oxides of nitrogen in the modern leanburn engines.

Furthermore, the Boost Cooler doesn’t create an intake restriction like an intercooler, and unlike race gas, it reduces intake air temps up to 60°C and improves charge air density too.

Snow Performance systems effectively steam clean the valves, valve seats, and even the piston tops and intake when they inject. This reduces carbon build up. The Boost Cooler™ can be installed in a matter of hours without having to remove bumpers or do custom intake piping.

More Power by Boost Cooler

With the Boost Cooler, you can achieve up to 10% extra power for suction engines. The optimal cooling compensates for power losses at higher outside temperatures. In addition, deposits in the combustion chamber and intake manifold are reduced.

116 Octane Race Gas Performance

Water or water/methanol is injected into the intake air using the patented high-pressure pump. The evaporation mist achieves extremely effective intake air and intercooling, whereby, among other things, an uncontrolled combustion (“knocking”) is prevented. The effect is demonstrably comparable with 116 octane racing gasoline.

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