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WEngineering Data Display 5/6 BMW Fxx

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Features at a glance

  • Display a lot of useful data
  • Display of the maximum values
  • Show environmental data for the individual maximum values
  • Timing (0-100, 100-200, 200-250)
  • Display of many values ​​as a time diagram
  • Read fault memory (8 DTCs)
  • Clear fault memory
  • OEM or external exhaust flap control via MFL
  • Correction of the vehicle speed
  • Activation of the overrun fuel cut-off (sound tuning) via MFL
  • Display control per touch and per MFL
  • Start menu adjustable
  • Correction of the displayed vehicle performance
  • Shift light configurable for each gear
  • Chart recording function for 25 seconds
  • Temperature monitoring with alarm function
  • Minimum / maximum values ​​can be set for temperatures
  • 2 color designs (white, orange original BMW)
  • Automatic change to the night design
  • Automatic display dimming
  • Connection of an external oil temperature sensor or exhaust gas temperature sensor
  • Display of the gear unit or cooling water temperature. This display option can be coded
  • Display of engine oil temperature, charge air and exhaust gas temperature
  • Display of speed, engine speed and boost pressure
  • Display of the torque as well as the power
  • The boost pressure or torque is displayed in the progress bar.
  • Control of the exhaust flap (also via MFL)
  • Status display of the exhaust flap (Auto, open close)
  • Display of the temperature of exhaust gas, charge air / intake air, oil and water temperature
  • Display of the shift light. The final speed can be configured individually for each gear (only automatic)
  • Display of the maximum values
  • The details of the maximum values ​​can be displayed. For example, they want to know at what speed the maximum power is achieved and how high the boost pressure was.
  • Rail pressure, exhaust pressure in front of the DPF and temperature in front of the DPF only for diesel
  • Oil pressure only for N13, N20, N55, B48, B58, S55 engines
  • Time measurement 0-100, 100-200 and 200-250 km / h
  • Overview of many signals in one screen
  • Display of exhaust gas, water, engine oil and charge air / intake air temperature
  • Display of boost pressure
  • Min / max limits can be configured for the respective temperature. If the value falls below or exceeds this, the bars turn blue or red.
  • Configurable alarm when the temperature values ​​are exceeded. When the alarm is active, the menu opens automatically
  • If the values ​​are exceeded, environmental data such as boost pressure, speed, engine speed, etc. are stored and can be viewed later.
  • Control of the exhaust flap (also possible on the dash screen or via MFL)
  • Read fault memory. Up to 8 error memories are displayed.
  • Clear fault memory
  • Release of the diagnostic interface for service
  • Allow night design
  • Set the start menu
  • Adaptation of the vehicle speed to GPS
  • Adjustment of the displayed vehicle performance (for vehicles with a map optimization)
  • 8 diagrams with recording function
  • 3 measured values ​​are displayed per diagram
  • The recording starts with an accelerator pedal position of 90% and stops automatically after 25 seconds
  • After the measurement, the course can be read in the diagram area and the maximum values ​​can be read in the display area (bars above and below)
  • Power diagram: power, torque and boost pressure
  • Engine diagram: cooling water temperature, transmission temperature and engine oil temperature
  • Injection diagram: injection quantity, power and charge air temperature
  • Diagram of temperature in front of the DPF, in front of the catalyst and charge air temperature
  • Lambda diagram: Lambda, ignition angle and power (petrol only)
  • Diagram diesel: pressure before DPF, DPF pressure difference and rail pressure (only diesel)
  • Diagram Air: air mass, lambda and power
  • Oil diagram: Oil pressure (only N13, N20, N55, B48, B58, S55 engines), gearbox and engine oil temperature

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With the help of our data display system, a lot of vehicle-related data can be easily read. Among other things, important data can be graphically displayed and recorded in a diagram. Furthermore, the system offers the possibility to display the maximum values ​​reached and to measure the time.


Technical details:

  • Vehicle communication CAN high and CAN low


Scope of delivery:

  • Touchscreen data display with a plastic frame for installation in the central ventilation shaft
  • Cable harness for connection to the vehicle and the display



  • The models 550i and 650i are only supported from LCI.
  • Compatible only with the 2 zone ventilation equipment. 4 zones ventilation / air conditioning is not supported.
  • Please indicate the chassis number when ordering.

Additional Information


Diesel, Petrol




5er, F10, 5er, F11

Part Number



2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017


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